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best kayak fishing landing net

13 Best Kayak Fishing Nets

For anglers, nothing is more frustrating than losing fish they have caught so carefully. You need to control the kayak, your paddles, your fishing rod and yourself. Then you have to grab the fish and be able hold it. Fishing nets are essential if you have ever lost your catch or had to struggle to land a fish on your kayak. You can keep your catch safe with the best kayak fishing and landing gears. They also allow you to catch many fish that might not be possible to catch with other methods.

You are ultimately trying to catch fish by sailing smack in the middle a river or lake. We’ve already mentioned the difficulties of managing live fish in kayaks. We recommend the 13 best kayak fishing and landing gears, as well as a guide for buying the best.

How to Choose the Best Kayak Fishing Nets

It seems easy to buy a kayak fishing net. After all, it is just a net attached to a pole. Kayak fishing nets can be quite complicated to buy. There are many things to consider before buying one. Just like buying other kayak accessories, such as the Best Kayaking Anchors and the Best Kayaking Cockpit Covers, you should consider the size, weight, features, etc. What should you look for when choosing kayak fishing nets to use? Continue reading.


You need to be able to distinguish between a net for only catching fish and one that is for releasing them. You might also want to catch the fish with only the net and no other fishing gear, such as a rod. This is the best fishing net for kayak anglers.


There are three types of kayak fishing and landing nets: nylon-coated, rubberized, knotless, and rubberized. Nylon mesh is the most common of all three because it is resistant to UV rays as well as saltwater damage. It’s resistant to hooks, lightweight, and more. Knotless nets are lighter and less harmful to fish. They are also less likely to snag on hooks than knotted nets, or get tangled.

The rubber mesh nets are more humane and less likely to scratch off the natural mucus coating of fish, or cause damage to its fins, scales or gills. Rubber nets are best if you prefer to catch and release.


When choosing fishing accessories for your kayak, whether you’re looking for fishing nets or Best Kayak Bimini Tops & Canopies, size is a critical consideration. First, determine if your entire fishing net will fit in your fishing bag or kayak. Fishing nets should be a reasonable size. They should also be foldable or extendable to make storage easier. Telescoping and folding nets are the best, as they can be easily transported around. The size of the mesh, or hoop, is another important factor. The net should be smaller for smaller fish. You should also consider the size of the hole and net when deciding on the size of the fish.

What is the Best Kayak Fishing Net for Fly Fishing?

The ODDSPRO Fly Fishing Net is the best fishing net for fly-fishing. It is a high-quality landing net that costs only $18. It is lightweight and durable and has a non-slip coating that gives it a firm grip. The net also features a waterproof mesh to keep waterlogging and odor away. The net doesn’t get tangled, which keeps the fish safe. The handle can be even shortened to fly fish more efficiently.

KastKing MadBite Improved Fly Fishing Net


The KastKing MadBite Enhanced Fishing Net is a kayak fishing net that’s great for many reasons. It combines a lightweight, portable, telescopic folding design with a strong and durable build. Even tangles are not a problem with the rubber-coated nylon fine mesh that the landing net is constructed from. It prevents hook points from getting stuck to the net, and it isn’t harmful for the fish’s scales or gills. The mesh coating also prevents the fish from absorption of water so it doesn’t get heavier while submerged.

The pole of the fishing net folds down to just 21 inches and extends to 35 inches. MadBite’s E-glass pole is extremely strong and won’t bend like aluminum. It even has a handy belt clip, making it easy to transport. All components of KastKing are non-glare and saltwater-safe.


Telescopic and foldable

Includes a belt clip

Built for durability




Only one size of mesh is available

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Wakeman Fishing Accessories Classic Landing Net


The Wakeman Fishing Accessories Classic Landing Net can handle a variety of fish sizes and is an excellent all-around net. This rubberized net is perfect for recreational fishing and catch-and-release. It is also telescopic. It folds easily and can be stored in your backpack. The net is made from high-quality thermal rubber-plastic. It not only keeps your hooks out of the mesh, but also prevents fish from getting tangled up and damages. The wide net opening and flat-bottomed basket allow you to catch fish of any size.

The aluminum handle, which is corrosion-resistant and retractable, measures 35 inches long and can be extended to 56 inches when fully extended. It’s ideal for pulling in fish from faraway locations. The Wakeman Fishing Accessories Classic landing net is a great choice for anyone looking for a lightweight, telescopic fishing net.


Resistant against corrosion


Rubberized net

Telescopic long net.


There are none.

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Steel Frame Net for Wakeman Fishing Accessories


Wakeman’s Wakeman Fishing Accessories Steel Frame Net makes another appearance in this list of top kayak fishing nets. This Wakeman fishing net is strong and can catch larger river fish. The landing net has a single-piece aluminum handle that measures 16 inches long and a wider, 10-inch-deep net. It can catch large fish out of the water and move them onto your kayak easily.

The 1-by-1-inch mesh makes it ideal for larger fish captures. Although it isn’t lightweight or portable, this net is strong enough to catch the largest fish the river or lake has to offer.


For larger fish, 1-by-1-inch mesh is ideal.

A 10-inch deeper net is available.

Strong aluminum and steel construction.


It is not rubberized or telescopic.

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PLUSINNO Fishing Net


The PLUSINNO Fishing Net offers four sizes of fishing nets. You’ll find a fixed rod with a 12-inch diameter hoop, as well as telescopic poles that have 2 or 3 sections and have 16-inch, 17 inch, and 20-inch Hoop sizes. You can also take the great features of the standard fishing net and make it your own. Each PLUSINNO pole is made from high-density carbon fibre that’s beautifully mixed with fiberglass. This makes it durable, strong, and solid, regardless of its size.

Further, the nylon mesh doesn’t absorb water and won’t become heavy. The coating also prevents bacteria and odor absorption. The net’s knotless design makes it easier for fish to use and prevents the net and fishhooks from becoming tangled. The optional telescopic or foldable poles can be carried with a belt clip.


Belt clip

Non-absorbent coating

Knotless net

Construction of high-density carbon fibre.


It is not rubberized.

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KUFA Telescope Aluminum Landing net


The KUFA Telescope Aluminum landing net is another kayak fishing net that is easy to use. The KUFA fishing net is lightweight, but sturdy and robust and can be stored anywhere from 27 inches to 47 inches. It is made of knotless nylon mesh which makes it perfect for recreational fishing trips. The 16-by-16-inch triangular hoop is a great addition to the net.

The fishing net is also a well-designed piece that’s simple to use. To fold the whole thing back, push down on the middle flange between the handle and the net until the sides are released. You can now fold it down to a small size.


It collapses to a portable 27 inch.

For catch and release fishing, knotless nylon mesh is the best choice.

Telescopic long-telescopic 47 inch length


It is not rubberized.

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SF Fly Fishing Catch and Release Net


The SF Fly Fishing Catch and Release Net for Kayak Fishing is the best kayak fishing landing nets. This fishing net is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want any damage to the fish they catch. The SF net is made from a transparent, soft, rubberized material that doesn’t cause any damage to the fish’s scales, fins, or gills. The net is also resistant to mildew and doesn’t rot. It doesn’t even tangle. The frame of the fishing net is made from durable laminated bamboo and hardwood. It is available in three different sizes: square, round, and teardrop.

It is limited in reach because of the paddle design but it is very useful for kayakers with limited space. A magnetic clip is attached to the safety cable that connects to the copper swivel on the handle’s end. This is what secures your net in your hand.


Safety clip included.

Available in different head types

Hardwood construction that is durable.

It won’t get tangled or rot.

Fish are very friendly


There is a limited range.

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Fiblink Aluminum Fishing Landing Net Folding


The Fiblink Folding Aluminum Fishing Net is a longer fishing net with a wider range of fishing. The Fiblink net, which is one of the longest kayak fishing nets available, is made from anodized aluminum alloy that resists corrosion. The net folds down to 23 inches on the rod and can be extended to 37 inches for fishing.

It is made of durable nylon and knot-free microfine mesh, making it ideal for catch and release fishing. It’s gentler on fish, their scales, and gills. The net has a non-absorbent coated coating that protects all components from saltwater, corrosion, and rusting.



Folds down to 23 inches

Telescoping handle with long 37-inch reach.

A folding net

Anodized aluminum


Practically none.

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ODDSPRO Fly Fishing Landing net


The ODDSPRO Fly Fishing Landing Net is a great budget option for kayak fishing. This fishing net is a great value for money, at just $18 The net features a loop and handle made of premium-quality carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass. This combination makes the net strong, lightweight, and impact-resistant. The handle has a non-slip coating that provides a better grip. The nylon mesh is protected from odors and waterlogging by a waterproof rubber coating.

The mesh’s unique knotless design prevents fishhooks getting tangled and also prevents slime coating from being impacted. The collapsible fly-fishing net can be easily clipped to your waist or back. The handle measures 8.5 inches long and can be cut to length if you wish to fly fish. The net has a large hoop that is big enough to catch trout fish from all ranges.



The handle is coated with a non-slip coating.

Fishhooks are not tangled with knotless nylon mesh.



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ForEverlast Inc. Generation Floating Fishing Landing Net


ForEverlast is the brand that makes the best kayak fishing nets. ForEverlast Inc. Generation Floating Fishing Landing Net has many benefits. It has both floatation and an extendable cord. They ensure you never lose your catch or your net again. The net is versatile and can hold a variety of fish thanks to its large opening that allows for capture of fish of all sizes. This fishing net was no surprise to win the ICAST award for ‘Best of Showfishing Accessories’ 2013.

The net’s lightweight design makes it easy to transport and deploy. The handle of the net is extended and long for easy access to the water. However, the grip is firm and solid. The net’s rubber-coated fish-safenetting is also included.


Easy to use and light weight

The net is both fish-friendly as well as rubber-coated.

You can catch many different fish.


Some users have mentioned that durability is a problem.

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RESTCLOUD Fishing Landing Net


The Restcloud Fishing Landing Net is the best kayak fishing landing net. It is reliable and durable. Restcloud Fishing Landing Net is made from durable netting and has a corrosion-resistant aluminum handle to ensure a long-lasting experience. This net can be used in freshwater as well as saltwater. The telescopic handle can be extended up to 36 inches. This allows you to catch fish far away.

Further, the handle features a flip feature that locks the net in the groove. The soft, lightweight mesh is fish-friendly and suitable for beginners and professionals. The entire gear can also be folded up and retracted for easy portability.


For $11.

Durable and long-lasting.

Mesh is lightweight and soft.



It is not as effective as the other nets on this page.

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EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net


The EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net has the best kayak fishing nets available today. This net will never let you down. This net is not only one-dimensional, but also features a modular platform. You can take the net off and use over 30 interchangeable attachments. This is what makes this gear so unique. It offers a mix of quality and diversity. The revolutionary S2 Slider technology makes it easy to adjust the net’s length by pulling or pushing.

This feature also allows you to control your fishing rod like no other fishing pole. The pole has a great grip and can be extended from 29 to 60 inches. The interchangeable modular head and mesh options allow you to hold up 30 lbs. You can catch a variety of fish


Holds up to 30 lbs. Catch.

The S2 slider technology allows you to change the net length.



The basket is not very deep.

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Entsport Collapsible Fishing Net


The Entsport Collapsible Fishing Net’s nylon mesh net construction with tangle-free features makes it one of the most popular kayak fishing landing nets. The mesh is also waterproof and has a non-absorbent coating, which resists decay and wear. It is also non-toxic to fish and their scales. This makes it a great gear for catch and release. Its strong aluminum construction is retractable, and is resistant to corrosion. The folding pole is just as impressive.

It also features a PVC grip made from specially engineered PVC that is skid-resistant. This allows the net to be easier to control, more comfortable, durable, more stable, and more sensitive. The net comes with a 1-year warranty and can be extended up to 40 inches.


The folding pole is strong and resistant to corrosion. It also has a strong grip.

Fish are not at risk from net.

Net is waterproof and resists wear and decay.


There are none.

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Goture Magnetic Clip Fly Fishing Landing net


The Goture Magnetic Clip Fly Fishing Net is at the top of our list of top kayak fishing nets. The pole’s length can be adjusted easily thanks to its flexible, foldable design. It is easy to store and transport. It is made of natural rubber and has a wooden frame to protect the fish’s gills and scales. This net allows for easy catch-and-release. The hook points have been carefully designed to avoid sticking to each other, making the net harmless for both fish and angler.

But that’s not all. The handle of the net is made from a magnetic cliphead and has a stretchable spring-cord to keep it close to the surface. The net can be extended up to 32 inches in length and is versatile enough to be used for a variety of activities, including fly fishing or shore fishing.


Flexible and foldable

Strong and durable

Fishing and anglers are not at risk

Reasonably priced



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